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11 July 2006 @ 03:57 am
can't stop the rock  
Alright, I decided to do one more.

Lilac Body Lotion by elizabethW

I love the smell of lilacs, probably more than is healthy. When I was young, my favorite chore in the late spring was watering the garden, because I could stand IN the lilac bushes and just breathe. For the past 10 years I've been living places--South Florida, New York City, North Carolina--where lilacs don't really grow and until now, I'd never found a product which actually smelled like them. This lotion is fantastic. It's very light, but not too watery. The smell stays on your skin forever, and is strong without being stinky. And what a scent! It smells ridiculously like lilacs, as if everything else I've ever smelled that was labelled 'lilac' was just some stupid joke. No contest, this is the best and most realistic lilac I have ever smelled, and I have smelled everything I have ever seen that said lilac on the package. I got this at The Spa at Ballantyne, and it was actually a few dollars cheaper than it's listed for on the brand's website. If you find yourself at Ballantyne, get a hot stone massage by Bucky, trust me.

Now, to find that perfect lily of the valley...